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Joyce's home was recently repaired by Arizona Foundation Solutions. In this video she speaks about here experience with the company.
Joyce of Tucson, AZ
Tuesday, April 29th
Shelly from Tucson, AZ speaks about her experience with Arizona Foundation Solutions, after having her home's foundation repaired by the company.
Shelly of Tucson, AZ
Tuesday, April 29th
Testimonial Photo by Renee A.
The three people I dealt with the most were Brian Guthrie, Randall Wright, and Sarah Murillo. Brian was my rep and guided me through the process with thorough knowledge and great sensitivity. I received fast response whether texting, calling or email. Believe me, with that big a job and investment involved, I did all three. Randall and his associate were the ones to tear up the area around my home for the job, and boy did they ever. Yet they took the time to show me and explain what they were doing. When they were done and cleaned up the area it was like nothing had ever been disturbed at all! If I hadn't seen it myself I would have thought nothing had been done there. But believe me it sure was. Then came Sarah and her truck and drill and the huge hose of expanding concrete to finish the job. A one woman dynamo. I don't want to leave out the engineers and the folks who made sure it was safe for the guys to dig and the project planners; not to mention the folks who created the system in the first place. My home was not one of the lucky ones who could be returned to alignment without destroying the house itself. I give you much credit for knowing when to stop. I am very satisfied that my foundation is now stabilized and can't deteriorate further. That is more than enough for me. I am grateful you could prevent the destruction of my home. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Renee A. of Hereford, AZ
Friday, March 5th
After doing a lot of research, I called Arizona Foundation Solutions to help me with my home.  They were all very considerate and took a lot of time to answer all of our questions.  They were also helpful and reassuring.  Such a wonderful staff and great crew.  I would hire them again and recommend them to my family and friends!
Toni G. of Tucson, AZ
Sunday, May 10th
Testimonial Photo by Bill R.
From the first discussion with the sales person, Brian, to the finished job with Lonzo and Sarah, everyone was very professional and completed the work with great skill and attention to detail. Great job, guys!!
Bill R. of Tucson, AZ
Thursday, October 28th
Testimonial Photo by John K.
Alonzo and his team were AMAZING, KNOWLEDGEABLE and extremely HELPFUL throughout the project. (He) will be referring us to everyone because of the job they did!
John K. of Oro Valley, AZ
Friday, January 7th
My chimney was separating from my house so I called them out to evaluate the situation and provide an estimate. The estimate was prompt and concise. The work was quickly scheduled and Victor and Jesse showed up in a timely manner, well prepared and they worked very hard to complete the job. They did a really good job and were completely happy to explain the whole process to me as they went along. Very interesting and I am very happy with the results and the warranty. I would definitely recommend this company with no reservations.
Krista D. of Tucson, AZ
Tuesday, October 20th
I was networked to Bob Brown through an excellent handyman that I’ve used. I thought that certain slabs on my cement driveway were sinking. Bob came out to my house and actually suggested my problem was exactly the opposite. Because of some poor rain water drainage in various areas around the house, moisture was actually building up in the soil under the cement slabs both in the driveway and other parts of the house. Bob then explained that, as the soil under the house gained moisture, it pushed up the concrete. So my problem was not “droppage” but rather too much moisture. Bob felt that the issue was not so severe at this time that his company should do any work on the issue. Rather, he suggested adding more gutters around the house and also improving the drainage from the existing gutters to get the water away from the foundation. I really appreciate Bob’s competency and fairness. He didn’t try to “sell” something that wasn’t right.
Craig J. of Cave Creek, AZ
Friday, September 6th
About 9 months ago we tested for radon in our new house and the level was 5 pCi/L. The FDA says anything over 4.0 should be mitigated, and the WHO says anything over 2.7 should be mitigated due to the cancer risk from radon exposure. We called AZ Foundation Solutions and their engineers reviewed our floor plans designed a mitigation system which they installed. We waited about 9 months for the system to do its job and then retested. We were very happy to see the results. In the two rooms we tested, one was 0.7 and the other was 1.0, well below acceptable levels. The AZ Foundation Solutions system really works! We had one communication problem but the company addressed it.
Todd D. of Safford, AZ
Monday, April 20th
Our home advisor is Brian Guthrie, he is very professional, great attitude and fun to be around. Brian went over everything with us,, and it was obvious that he looked over our engineering report before talking to us so he knew our issues. Although Arizona Foundations was more expensive then another foundation guy, their thoroughness and expertise helped our decision to hire Arizona Foundation Solutions to correct our home issues.
Lynn G. of Pima, AZ
Wednesday, December 1st
Testimonial Photo by Aubrey S.
Well there hasn't been any groundwork done yet, but if it turns out as professional as the experience that I have had with Brian Guthrie. Then I should be impressed. Mr. Guthrie is a man that doesn't demand respect, he truly earns your respect. From the first time I met Mr. Guthrie he expressed concern for my foundation issues and answered my questions with extensive knowledge of what the causes of my foundation issues may be and what needs to be done to correct them. Mr. Guthrie is a true professional, very easy to communicate with and a man that I'd call my friend. Thank you, Brian, for your efforts and your help with my foundation.
Aubrey S. of 85643, AZ
Tuesday, June 1st
Testimonial Photo by David B.
Brian Guthrie has been the utmost of professional during his consultations. He was up front and straightforward with the process during the initial consultation. During the second consultation, Brian was very thorough and provided understandable answers to questions about the findings of structural analysis. He also thoroughly explained the contract associated with the services provided by Arizona Foundation Solutions. Brian will go out of his way to assist you. Thank you, Brian.
David B. of Sierra Vista, AZ
Wednesday, June 9th
A very thorough explanation of the system and a professional install by Danny. We ended up adding a second system due to the size of the residence and problem.
Ron A. of Sierra Vista, AZ
Thursday, January 16th
Chris Ortiz, Residential Consultant of Arizona Foundation Solutions, met with us on 04/21/2021 to go over the Engineer's Report of solutions to repair our home's foundation which has settled. Chris provided us with the exact cost for these repairs in a manner that made it much more palatable. Chris is very well informed, friendly and a real asset to AZ Foundation Solutions.
Charles T. of Tucson, AZ
Thursday, April 22nd
Andrew, the specialist from Arizona foundations Came out to our house. He gave us some great ideas on another solution to our problem. I can see how this outfit has obtained such a great reputation!
Dan R. of Tucson, AZ
Friday, April 16th
I was very pleased with Arizona Foundation Solutions. Price was competitive, communications was everything that was needed and the workers we very polite and professional. Cleanup was top notch and follow up from the company couldn't have been better! I would highly recommend for foundation needs.
Willie S. of Tucson, AZ
Thursday, March 25th
Jack was great. Very knowledgable and extremely professional. There was no charge for the estimate he provided! Would definitely use gain!
Dario D. of Saddlebrooke, AZ
Tuesday, April 22nd
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