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Joyce's home was recently repaired by Arizona Foundation Solutions. In this video she speaks about here experience with the company.
Joyce of Tucson, AZ
Tuesday, April 29th
Shelly from Tucson, AZ speaks about her experience with Arizona Foundation Solutions, after having her home's foundation repaired by the company.
Shelly of Tucson, AZ
Tuesday, April 29th
I was networked to Bob Brown through an excellent handyman that I’ve used. I thought that certain slabs on my cement driveway were sinking. Bob came out to my house and actually suggested my problem was exactly the opposite. Because of some poor rain water drainage in various areas around the house, moisture was actually building up in the soil under the cement slabs both in the driveway and other parts of the house. Bob then explained that, as the soil under the house gained moisture, it pushed up the concrete. So my problem was not “droppage” but rather too much moisture. Bob felt that the issue was not so severe at this time that his company should do any work on the issue. Rather, he suggested adding more gutters around the house and also improving the drainage from the existing gutters to get the water away from the foundation. I really appreciate Bob’s competency and fairness. He didn’t try to “sell” something that wasn’t right.
Craig J. of Cave Creek, AZ
Friday, September 6th
About 9 months ago we tested for radon in our new house and the level was 5 pCi/L. The FDA says anything over 4.0 should be mitigated, and the WHO says anything over 2.7 should be mitigated due to the cancer risk from radon exposure. We called AZ Foundation Solutions and their engineers reviewed our floor plans designed a mitigation system which they installed. We waited about 9 months for the system to do its job and then retested. We were very happy to see the results. In the two rooms we tested, one was 0.7 and the other was 1.0, well below acceptable levels. The AZ Foundation Solutions system really works! We had one communication problem but the company addressed it.
Todd D. of Safford, AZ
Monday, April 20th
Testimonial Photo by Renee A.
The three people I dealt with the most were Brian Guthrie, Randall Wright, and Sarah Murillo. Brian was my rep and guided me through the process with thorough knowledge and great sensitivity. I received fast response whether texting, calling or email. Believe me, with that big a job and investment involved, I did all three. Randall and his associate were the ones to tear up the area around my home for the job, and boy did they ever. Yet they took the time to show me and explain what they were doing. When they were done and cleaned up the area it was like nothing had ever been disturbed at all! If I hadn't seen it myself I would have thought nothing had been done there. But believe me it sure was. Then came Sarah and her truck and drill and the huge hose of expanding concrete to finish the job. A one woman dynamo. I don't want to leave out the engineers and the folks who made sure it was safe for the guys to dig and the project planners; not to mention the folks who created the system in the first place. My home was not one of the lucky ones who could be returned to alignment without destroying the house itself. I give you much credit for knowing when to stop. I am very satisfied that my foundation is now stabilized and can't deteriorate further. That is more than enough for me. I am grateful you could prevent the destruction of my home. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Renee A. of Hereford, AZ
Friday, March 5th
Testimonial Photo by P C.
The Homeowner called into our offices to rave about Jacob & Shawn!  She said her yard was cleaned up and the gate was closed & secured upon project completion.  The Homeowner appreciated the care AZFS took with her home & project.  She advised she was very satisfied with the end result!
P C. of Sierra Vista, AZ
Wednesday, June 20th
A very thorough explanation of the system and a professional install by Danny. We ended up adding a second system due to the size of the residence and problem.
Ron A. of Sierra Vista, AZ
Thursday, January 16th
Jack was great. Very knowledgable and extremely professional. There was no charge for the estimate he provided! Would definitely use gain!
Dario D. of Saddlebrooke, AZ
Tuesday, April 22nd
After doing a lot of research, I called Arizona Foundation Solutions to help me with my home.  They were all very considerate and took a lot of time to answer all of our questions.  They were also helpful and reassuring.  Such a wonderful staff and great crew.  I would hire them again and recommend them to my family and friends!
Toni G. of Tucson, AZ
Sunday, May 10th
I am very pleased with the work that was done by Arizona Foundation Solutions. They repaired my stem wall as well as installed support piers for my foundation. Everyone that I spoke with and that came out to do the work were all very professional, including my pier installers Martin and his co-worker C. Ruben, my Solutions Consultant was very personable and always there to answer any questions that I had. Compared to other companies, they are very fair with their prices. The stem wall repair person actually gave me a discount when he came out to do the work when he noticed that the amount quoted was a little too high because I didn't need as many repairs as they first anticipated. I was very impressed by the honesty of not only that person, but the obvious culture of honesty at the company. I highly recommend utilizing Arizona Foundation Solutions for all of your home foundation issues.
Christina G. of Tucson, AZ
Tuesday, January 16th
Testimonial Photo by Julia F.
Superior company! They diagnosed the problem with our foundation, made recommendations and did a great job. Keith, the consultant, and Barry, Fernando and Daniel the technicians were informative and polite, and left the property in excellent condition when they were finished with the work. We would recommend this company without reservation.
Julia F. of Tucson, AZ
Tuesday, July 2nd
About 6 years ago I had Arizona Foundation Solutions come and fix my slab foundation due to Mesquite trees lifting it up searching for water. Their roots had not only traveled underneath the house but they were affecting the pool as well. None of the windows would open no matter how hard u tried to force them open ( I was on my second set of windows). They came and jack hammered not only the garage, family room, front porch as well as the back porch, but around the whole perimeter of my house. Then they dug down about 9’ or until they hit bedrock and giant 85lb., brackets were attached to equally giant screws, which also attached to the house’s foundation. A fellow with a manometer measured the slope on one side of the house, it was 3 inches different! I was present for the lift, very gradually the house was lifted to be level with the other side of the house. One by one the windows made a popping sound and I was able to open my windows again! They filled all the areas they had drilled into with concrete plugging up the voids, laid down new cement sections in the back patio and the garage. They not only saved my house, but they stabilized the foundation. Guaranteed for 75 years and a transferable warranty. The Mesquite trees came out! All 4 of them. When it says on their tag, no water once established, don’t u believe it! Thank you again Arizona Foundation Solutions, I recommended you to a friend in Tempe who was having issues with his brand new house of two years! When his house was built it wasn’t tied to the foundation and was beginning to slip off of it during one of our monsoon rains. You r a life saver🤗
Ceci B. of Tucson, AZ
Wednesday, April 28th
Brian Guthrie did a great job assisting me. He was kind and knowledgeable. Even though I am not moving forward at this time, I wanted to let you know what a great employee have working for you.  More kind people like him are needed. WOW EXPERIENCE!
Mary A. of Tucson, AZ
Monday, September 21st
My chimney was separating from my house so I called them out to evaluate the situation and provide an estimate. The estimate was prompt and concise. The work was quickly scheduled and Victor and Jesse showed up in a timely manner, well prepared and they worked very hard to complete the job. They did a really good job and were completely happy to explain the whole process to me as they went along. Very interesting and I am very happy with the results and the warranty. I would definitely recommend this company with no reservations.
Krista D. of Tucson, AZ
Tuesday, October 20th
I have worked with Dewayne on multiple occasions during the past few years. He is very knowledgeable, hard working, dedicated, and a pleasure to work with.
Curt P. of Tucson, AZ
Thursday, September 12th
I am so fortunate to have bumped into this company. As a real estate professional your biggest fear during the home inspection is if foundation issues are found. This happened to me all the time and buyers just canceled without doing further research. This time I had a buyer that wanted to do research and I was lucky enough to find Arizona Ramjack. We did the inspection and I learned a lot. I used to say so many things about a property during the viewing process that I will never says again. As a real estate professional I suggest you save this number in your phone because you will need it. Thanks, I look forward to working with your team again!
Realtor of Tucson, AZ
Wednesday, September 4th
Thank you for your assistance in providing emergency support services to stabilize the foundation supporting the north wall of building after the foundation had been under-mined by a broken water supply line. You and the crew responded immediately, on short notice, at the end of the day on Friday and worked until 3:00 am on Saturday to ensure that the foundation of the building was supported to avoid collapse and to allow for the plumbing contractor to safely access the under-ground plumbing line below the front of the building. Your quick response to the call is greatly appreciated by all involved in the project.
Peter L. of Tucson, AZ
Thursday, June 13th
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