Work Requests in Tucson

Arizona Foundation Solutions of Tucson is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Tucson. Learn more about Arizona Foundation Solutions of Tucson's recent work requests in Tucson and nearby areas!

Learn more about Arizona Foundation Solutions of Tucson's recent work requests in Tucson, AZ
Vicinity of W. Calle Del Reposo in Tucson
I have several cracks in slab and walls.
Vicinity of in Tucson
Crack in walls on one side of my house.
Vicinity of East Finisterra in Tucson
Crawl space insulation is falling down and I'm not sure what other attention is needed to the crawl space area. An inspection and recommendation is in order. Thanks
Vicinity of W Shiningstar Drive in Tucson
One pad of my concrete walkway is cracked at seam and lifted up about 2 inches one side.
Vicinity of E Snyder Rd in Tucson
Crack expanding across foundation
Vicinity of N Mountain View Av in Tucson
My house has a crack on the outside but wasn't there before.
Vicinity of S Harvard Ave in Tucson
There's a large (1/8 in) crack that's developed in my kitchen ceiling and I think it may be growing but I'm really not too sure
Vicinity of E Burns in Tucson
I have some wall cracking that I think is related to my foundation.
Vicinity of N Loft Ln in Tucson
Cracks in ceiling, and pavement in backyard
Vicinity of N Indian Trail in Tucson
I have cracks in my slab that are causing tiles to crack. Also have had some drywall issues. I have some tile up right now and want to get someone to look at the crack.
Vicinity of Michael in Tucson
Concrete repair, and a slab for my car port, I have three cars.
Vicinity of N Rosemont Blvd in Tucson
Interior and exterior cracks
Vicinity of E Arroyo Chico in Tucson
Crack on interior north facing wall, continues up onto ceiling. Previous owners have had other such cracks repaired.
Vicinity of N Dodge Blvd in Tucson
Cracks in walls on south west corner of house
Vicinity of E Exeter St in Tucson
We recently bought and moved into our home. The first thing we did was replace the HVAC systems and moved the new equipment up to the roof. During installation, the HVAC tech noted there may be a missing load-bearing wall with the rafters/frame jerry rigged with 2x4's. We want you to check that out from a safety standpoint first and foremost. We are also interested in a quote for improvements to the crawl space insulation to support energy efficiency.
Vicinity of W George Street in Tucson
Wall crack, Would like to asses and repair
Vicinity of E Beach Dr in Tucson
My patio has a crack and I would like it repaired in order to paint it.
Vicinity of E Dawn Post Rd in Tucson
The sidewalk in front of my house is lifting... it's not a tripping hazard, but there's a raised part right at the joint between two slabs. HOA wants me to repair it. Looking for quotes.
Vicinity of E Marble Peak Pl in Tucson
Our neighbors have reported elevated radon levels in their homes, so we would like to test ours.
Vicinity of W Roller Coaster Rd in Tucson
Retaining wall
Vicinity of S Avenida Sirio in Tucson
I have a crack in my brick wall and foundation. It should have been fixed before I bought my home. I believe the crack is growing because there is a cracks in my bedroom wall on the inside.
Vicinity of E Hayne St in Tucson
General inspection of house I am in the process of purchasing revealed: Foundation cracks visible from exterior and settling evident in interior.
Vicinity of E Pine Valley Dr in Tucson
A residential retaining wall, built in 1972, is cracking and leaning.
Vicinity of N Donna Beatrix Circle in Tucson
I have a block wall cracking and leaning. I would like possible solutions and an estimate please.
Vicinity of N Rocky Brook Drv in Tucson
Pool deck lifting at expansion joint
Vicinity of in Tucson
I have foundation settling and cracks in walls, would like and evaluation and quote.
Vicinity of E Painted Pottery Pl in Tucson
Our pool decking is losing the foundation and cracks are forming in the decking tiles. We need a quote for what it would cost to repair it.
Vicinity of N Wilmot in Tucson
Just bought a house and it has a sagging wall and cracked foundation due to fireplace/chimney.
Vicinity of East Fort Lowell Rd in Tucson
I have a basement and wonder what the radon concentration is
Vicinity of E Ventana Canyon Drive in Tucson
Have a couple areas of my pool deck that are cracked and sinking.
Vicinity of in Tucson
Crack in concrete floor, some uneven places.
Vicinity of W Flying Circle St in Tucson
I have an area of my patio that has cracked and settled. It appears to be an old issue and has been caulked. However it appears it may have settled a but more and would like to level it out.
Vicinity of Killdeer Dr in Tucson
Tree root is lifting driveway slab.
Vicinity of N Court Ave in Tucson
I am a real estate agent working with a buyer. There is an unlevel concrete sidewalk - ~1". Can send photos from inspection. Thank you
Vicinity of E Kleindale Rd in Tucson
Repair cracks in brick
Vicinity of N Mesquite Place in Tucson
I have a few cracks in the walls and ceilings, and a door that is hard to open. I suspect that foundation is sinking (not level). The house is small (approximately 1000 sq ft). I would like an estimate for leveling and securing the foundation.
Vicinity of W Camino De Las Grutas in Tucson
Back concrete patio has begun to slope toward house.
Vicinity of N CARDI BLVD in Tucson
Cracks in concrete, slump block wall, and tilted front door.
Vicinity of N Vernon Dr in Tucson
I have a manufactured home with two rooms added on. In one of the rooms, where the wall meets the wall of the main part of the structure, a crack formed in the corner and traveled up the corner to the ceiling. It is now moving along the corner where the wall meets the ceiling.
Vicinity of North Canyon Crest, in Tucson
We're in the process of purchasing a home. Expect to move in at the end of Sept 2020. The home has one section of the driveway area that has sunk below the other sections (I have photos). I'm interested in getting an estimate to raise the section to be level with the adjacent sections.
Vicinity of West Brandy Crest Drive in Tucson
Sidewalk in front of mail box needs is uneven, about 0.5-1" raised on one side. Needs to be leveled.
Vicinity of N Placita Tecolote in Tucson
We are currently remodeling and there is a concerning crack in the floor foundation.
Vicinity of E Calle Potrero in Tucson
Hi. We our deck resurfaced due to chipping and we also have a spot that needs leveling/repair. Thanks!
Vicinity of S. Placita San Marcial in Tucson
Uneven floor, minor crack in wall and ceiling
Vicinity of W Condor Dr in Tucson
Cool deck is cracked
Vicinity of E. Patricia Street in Tucson
Need concrete patio leveled (experiencing water damage) and a small (approx 12') wall build around the patio.
Vicinity of N Atalaya Way in Tucson
Concrete slab has sunken about 1" on walkway. Driveway slab is now higher and is a tripping hazard. We would like a quote and get it fixed. Thank you
Vicinity of N Sullinger Ave in Tucson
My drive is unlevel and I believe my house is too.
Vicinity of S. Aldorn Dr in Tucson
I think I may have a foundation issue. Our home is almost 50 years old and we have heard what appears to be settling sounds. We have always had some cracks along the walls. We have had the home inspected several times and each inspector said they did not think we had foundation problems. I would like to get an experts opinion on this so we would know for sure.
Vicinity of S Raemisch Way in Tucson
Uneven sidewalk
Vicinity of S Camino Mirlo in Tucson
An approx. 8' x 8' section of our pool concrete aggregate decking has sunk and separated from the Flagstone pool surround. We need to have it raised back to the proper level. There is no craking in eith the concrete slab of the flagstone pool surround.
Vicinity of W Tucana Street in Tucson
I have a flat roof, brick/stucco home. There is a hairline crack starting at the top of the roof, running through a window and continuing to the ground. I would like to have an inspection done to see if this is indicative of a deeper issue.
Vicinity of S. Camino Mirlo in Tucson
Back porch slab (extension to existing back porch) has sunk due to settling. Three 8' x 10' slabs.
Vicinity of Alder Point Way in Tucson
Side walk trip hazard repair
Vicinity of E Blanton Dr in Tucson
Settling cracks in walls and cracks in foundation.
Vicinity of N Scenic Mountain Dr in Tucson
One of my pool decking slabs has been tilting over the past few years, by about 1/2" up on one side and 1/2" down on the other. Depending on whether you also other pool work like replastering, and the price/ options if so, I may be interested in having additional work done.
Vicinity of W Sandbrook LN in Tucson
I have a broken floor in the dining area and I need to get it corrected. Right I have carpet over the break. There is a 2-inch bulge that above the rest of the floor. I would like to get it corrected. I have a paint job starting on July 12, but I don't see that would be a problem. I would like to get in inspected after you see the problem.
Vicinity of N Solitude Ridge Pl in Tucson
Pool deck needs some attention
Vicinity of N Tucson Blvd in Tucson
I have a workshop on the back of my property with extensive burrowing voids underneath. There are also a few burrows along one side of my house.
Vicinity of W Innutian Ct in Tucson
Hi, my name is Kristen I am a Realtor and contacting you on behalf of my clients! A home we have under contract has cracks in the foundation that we would like to have inspected. If possible could someone come out there either Monday or Tuesday morning possibly? Thank you so much :)
Vicinity of W. Red Sky Circle in Tucson
I have a 20 X 16 back patio, that I wish to coat with a epoxy coating - but the middle of my patio ( about a 10 X 10 area ) has sunk down about 3/4 to 1 " I need that mud jacked up to level, before proceeding
Vicinity of N. Westmoreland Ave in Tucson
Crack in outside brick wall extends to interior of house. Been told it was foundation problem.
Vicinity of N. Placita Del Conde in Tucson
Corner of concrete slab of original patio sunk approximately three forth of an inch from concrete on added portion of patio. Sinking appears to be only at one corner of slab. Need to raise to level with surrounding concrete before refinishing patio. Slab itself is approximately 8 by 8. Sunken portion is about two feet by two feet.
Vicinity of W Calle De Dalias in Tucson
Appears foundation has a crack based on uneven kitchen floor. House has cement foundation - no basement or crawl space.
Vicinity of S Bainbridge Rd in Tucson
We noticed what appeared to be harmless hairline cracks in our living room ceiling several months back. More recently I have found a hairline crack on the wall in another room, and a hairline crack in the ceiling/wall of another. This week I realized there is also a crack in the outside wall above our patio wall. I'm concerned that a tree root might be damaging our foundation.
Vicinity of E Flower St in Tucson
Driveway under carport is settling
Vicinity of N Park Ave in Tucson
Step cracking exterior and interior plaster cracking
Vicinity of E Trailhead Rd in Tucson
Heaving up in the garage (?unchanging?) but seems to extend into house...Am going to have new tile installed and want to be sure I am no tiling over a continued problem.
Vicinity of N Pale Moon Trail in Tucson
Needs repair in several areas including insulation. Prepping house for sale.
Vicinity of E Strada De Acero in Tucson
Our HOA has a circular concrete walkway around a tree. You can guess the rest. Portions sunk; also a likely drainage issue. Wondering if lifting part of the concrete is a mid term solution as we're not ready to take the tree down yet.
Vicinity of E Fort Lowell Rd in Tucson
Uranium overload in hair sample caused me to look into radon issue
Vicinity of North Quartzite Canyon Pl in Tucson
6' X 8' slab outside of front door of home, one side has dropped approximately 1.5 inch. Easy access to slab.
Vicinity of W. Brandy Crest Dr in Tucson
Ive noticed some small running cracks in the corners of some of our walls and above some windows. Also, many of our doors no longer close correctly.
Vicinity of in Tucson
Need to level patio
Vicinity of Morning Jewel Pl in Tucson
Driveway has dropped 0.5 to 1 inch where driveway meets house
Vicinity of E Chimney Spring Dr in Tucson
One of our driveway slabs has sunk. It's a tripping hazard and we are looking at options for repair.
Vicinity of S Windwood DR in Tucson
Buying home in Saddlebrooke, during home inspection, two doors had sticking opening and closing. I need an a inspection in the next week as soon as possible. Hinges seem to be secure in casing
Vicinity of S. Cottonwood Ln. in Tucson
Foundation sinking
Vicinity of W. Beryllium Ln. in Tucson
Basement home with heat pump pads shifting, some shifting in upstairs rooms, one room overhangs basement, one does not.
Vicinity of E Wolfberry St in Tucson
Noticed a few cracks in walls and some shifting floor tile, just wanted to get it checked out.
Vicinity of E Elida St in Tucson
We have an unfinished cellar space under one room in our house. This room seems to be showing signs of sinking possibly caused by the less secure foundation built around the cellar. The floor in that room slopes and the door has difficulty closing. We would like an inspection of the issue with an evaluation /quote of what would be required to raise the room back to its original height and reinforce the foundations to ensure that the problem does not recur.
Vicinity of N Gallant Fox in Tucson
Purchasing a new home and worried about cracks in the foundation that goes throughout the foundation. Front to back and side to side. Builder and contractor does seems to care or understand my concern. Need third party input with not vested interest.
The covered back porch is about 25' x 8'. One half the slab has sunk about 2-3" sloping outward from the house. The other half is stable. The concrete is covered with red brick. The interior of the house is not affected.
Vicinity of in Tucson
Section of concrete in our warehouse is uneven & bumpy. Is located in the path where our forklift drives in and out.
Vicinity of in Tucson
About to buy a house, inspection report called about a foundation issue, would like an expert opinion and quote for repair. "Description of Foundation Type 1.3 - The foundation consists of posts and columns that require attention. The main posts are in direct contact with the ground. This should be evaluated by a specialist for recommendations for repair."
Vicinity of E Melissa St in Tucson
I fear my pool deck needs to be redone and I am looking for an estimate. It is uneven and cracked in some places. I also have to have it re-plastered and am looking for estimates so I can make a budget. Thank you!
Vicinity of East Placita Hayuco in Tucson
Piece of driveway cracked and looks to be caused by erosion of soil underneath. Similar problem on walkway in to our deck
Vicinity of N. Bottlebush Ln in Tucson
When we purchased the home, our driveway was not level / the slabs were uneven. To add more curb appeal / ease of selling the home in the future / reduce future cracking, I'm interested in obtaining a quote on what it would take to level it out. Weekends are best for the inspection / quote.
Vicinity of N. Donatello Place in Tucson
I have a sinking basketball court with several cracks that I want to repair before the damage gets severe.
Vicinity of N Placita Tecolote in Tucson
Crawl space vapor barrier and also testing for radon
Vicinity of N Tanque Verde Loop Rd in Tucson
The foundation is not level. It appears to be the way it was originally constructed. in 1979. We are interested in getting it leveled, or finding out what our options are.
Vicinity of N Painted Sky Dr in Tucson
I have a driveway segment that is starting to lift in one corner, and sink in the opposite. There are no cracks yet, and it's only about an inch but I would like to correct it before it becomes a problem. I am interested in the PolyLevel system and curious about costs. Please let me know. Thanks!
Vicinity of E Citrus St in Tucson
Residential house, west side of the foundation is sinking. Home needs to be raised up and foundation repaired.
Vicinity of W Sonora St in Tucson
Hello, We are seeing some uneven wear in our floors, cracks in the walls and a crack along our porch. We would love for someone to come and check out the foundation.
Vicinity of in Tucson
Under contract on this property, and would like to have the foundation inspected. Please contact me with you're availability. Thanks!
Vicinity of E Linden St in Tucson
Cracking in the interior and exterior of the home. I would like to know the solution and or cause.
Vicinity of S Via De Ellsworth in Tucson
Sinking corner on backyard patio.
Vicinity of E Rosewood in Tucson
Driveway cracked and uneven and cracks throughout house have me concerned
Vicinity of E. Palais Place in Tucson
12 yr old concrete driveway with cracking, and one area is heaving.
Vicinity of in Tucson
Persistent foul odor in rental home, particularly in corners with cracks leading to the crawlspace. Persistent smell of mildew in kitchen cabinets. Increase in allergy and asthmatic symptoms while indoors.
Vicinity of E Irene St in Tucson
I would like to use the Helical system to build the foundation for a 16x30 cabin/Cottage on Mt. Lemmon. Is this possible? Thank you.
Vicinity of E. Mitchell St in Tucson
There are cracks in our exterior brick walls and we are concerned about structural issues
Vicinity of E. Ship Rock DR in Tucson
Manufactured home needs leveling checked.
Vicinity of E Calle Estrella Fugaz in Tucson
2.5 ft hairline crack on post tension slab
Vicinity of W. Eagle Tail Lane in Tucson
Separating tiles in living room and a crack showing in the garage along the same path. Garage floor separating.
Vicinity of E GLENN ST in Tucson
We purchased this condo last summer. We are both having unexplained health problems and are suspicious that something in the condo is the cause. We would like to get the place checked.
Vicinity of W Rosebay St in Tucson
Looking for air quality test and radon test (maybe).
Vicinity of North Caribe Ave. in Tucson
Face of concrete foundation crumbling from water and crack in slump block
Vicinity of E Rudasill Rd in Tucson
1959 Basement - building remodeled 6 months ago, had Rogos coating applied to floor - it is bubbling - assume it is moisture. Damaged area is along basement wall on the floor - and is about 6" away from the wall - damage runs along the entire wall in a line- need to resolve issue..
Vicinity of in Tucson
Our house is over 100 years old. We noticed the floor being uneven in the bathroom and there being a crack between the bathtub and the tiles. Upon further inspection underneath the house, we noticed that the house probably needs to be jacked up and secured with a better beam underneath the floor. I'd really appreciate it if someone can take a look and give me an estimate of cost etc. Thank you!
Vicinity of N. Lost Artifact Ln. in Tucson
Need someone to inspect foundation on home just purchased.
Vicinity of W Saint Clair in Tucson
There are several stairway shape cracks running from windows to floors in my house and I'm wanting to get an inspection to see if it is a foundation issue.
Vicinity of W. Rudolf Drive in Tucson
House is half slump-block and half timber. Came back from vacation and found patio had pulled away from house and tilted toward back yard. There was a gas line leak (has been fixed by Gas Company.) The sprinklers were also on, and our water company told us we used about 100,000 gallons last month as a result. There is a separation between the slab and footer in back of house on the slump block side.. Inside the house, we removed carpeting over two years ago in anticipation of laying laminate flooring. We found a crack in the floor going across the full length of the house. We filled it in, but it has cracked additionally since then.
Vicinity of E Brassie Dr in Tucson
Buyers would like a radon test of home in Saddlebrooke. They have moved here from Oregon.
Vicinity of W San Martin Dr in Tucson
Have stairstep and vertical cracking on on earth of my brick walls.
Vicinity of East Bogota Place in Tucson
Two adjacent concrete slabs on sidewalk are different heights, tripping hazard
Vicinity of N Gene Pl. in Tucson
Sloping floors, bulging walls, cracks in brick
Vicinity of E Crystal Rapids Lane in Tucson
I have water coming in through the side of my garage. Because it's coming in right next to the floor, I believe the foundation on that side could be damaged. I would like to schedule an inspection.
Vicinity of E Drachman in Tucson
Burst pipe in crawl space caused adobe (not baked) house wall to detach from ceiling and to crack. Need diagnosis and solution of problem.
Vicinity of S Avenida De Las Palmas in Tucson
Front Patio is sinking in the middle and pools up water during rain. Requesting quote to level.
Vicinity of W. Calle De Manzanillo in Tucson
Please be advised that my Century Link telephone service WILL NOT PERMIT ME TO CONNECT TO 1 520 348 2052. I have complained to CL but they really won't care until I cancel the service. Your situation is not unique -- I can't phone my TRICO representative cellphone either. Perhaps if you complained too. Problem: Segment of driveway is elevated approximately 3-4 inches due to a tree root intrusion. The tree has been removed, but the problem remains. It's a personnel trip hazard. Not sure if your procedures could help, but I thought I'd inquire. Be sure to schedule a visit as I may be at work. Of course the problem is in front and plainly visible; no access issues. Alternatively, I could email a photo to save a trip in the heat. Thanks, Ernie
Vicinity of S Stonington Place in Tucson
Cracks along the exterior of our foundation wall, probably from rainwater and/or settling of the house over the years. I don't think they're too large, but there's a good number of them. I'm not sure if they just need to be sealed or if there's a larger issue?
Vicinity of in Tucson
Hairline cracks in exterior masonry and corresponding interior crack in drywall at NE corner of 1960s era home.
Vicinity of S Sweetbush Ave in Tucson
My patio is uneven and causing water to pool next to my house during heavy rain.
Vicinity of in Tucson
Purchased a slump block home with significant foundation damage. I'd like to find out if there are any potential fixes and get an estimated cost.
Vicinity of S Desert Vista Dr in Tucson
Request estimate for driveway slab leveling and buckled sidewalk repair.
Vicinity of W Los Filos Dr in Tucson
We have cracking in ceiling and need to know whether we need to repair our foundation.
Vicinity of N. Arizona Estates Loop Rd in Tucson
Rodent burrowing under patio
Vicinity of S. Diamond Bay Dr. in Tucson
House is 6 years old and the east side appears to be sinking. Need an inspection to determine if it is foundation related, or a soil issue, to determine what repairs may be needed..
Vicinity of E Bridgeport in Tucson
Left side of driveway needs to be raised
Vicinity of N Johnny Miller Dr in Tucson
We had a flat roof replaced almost 2-months ago and ever since we have noticed a tr smell in our home, especially on hot days. I want to ensure that we are not living with harmful chemicals while we determine how to rectify this problem permanently. Does your filter eliminate VOC's caused by roof tar applications? Is this something you can test the level for? What is the typical cost of a 20x30x1 filter for this problem. Thanks for any information you can provide. Regards, Mark [email protected]
Vicinity of N Via De La Luna in Tucson
I need a botched self-leveling concrete job fixed. I tried to level my approximately 500 sq ft floor so that I can place laminate flooring. Unfortunately, I did a horrible job and I need the area to be "sanded/grinded," or something, to make the floor level and smooth. Thank you
Vicinity of W Wetmore in Tucson
Foundation sinking
Vicinity of N Whitehurst Pl in Tucson
Crack and heaving notes in the garage concrete of a home I am considering purchasing. Inspection phase for the home purchase ends this Thursday. Can you provide an inspection prior to that?
Vicinity of W Dakota St in Tucson
Wishing to sell the house... Cracks in the foundation front and back. some interior cracks.
Vicinity of Calle Bellatrix in Tucson
Cracking in inside wall of bedroom. Cracking in ceiling across the living room.
Vicinity of Linden Street in Tucson
I have noticed a lot of cracks in the ceiling and walls on my rental property.
Vicinity of N. Paseo De La Terraza in Tucson
This is a proposal to obtain a bid on repairing all trip hazards in the community that is 22-acres. It is for the sidewalks. Please let us know if this is the type of work your company does and provide a cost to repair all. Thanks
Vicinity of E Duncan St in Tucson
A section of the floor near the east wall is sinking. It's approximately 6ft in diameter. It's a slab foundation with tile flooring. I am wanting to find out what the cause and fix is. Thanks
Vicinity of W Larkdale St in Tucson
I'm putting in new flooring and I have some high spots and some low spots.
Vicinity of W Paseo Reforma N in Tucson
Need foundation inspected for refinance
Vicinity of W Lost Canyon Dr in Tucson
Potential buyers discovered radon level of 11, Repeat test showed 7.9. House built in 1978 on rocky hill, has lower level next to dirt crawl space
Vicinity of W Lost Canyon Dr in Tucson
Potential home buyers had my house tested for radon and it showed a high level. I retested and it was 7.8. I do have a dirt crawl space under the home, built in 1978 and it's very rocky.
Vicinity of E Golden Currant Drive in Tucson
Laminate in bedroom expanding from moisture, wet underneath
Vicinity of E San Francisco Blvd in Tucson
We are in a two year old home, we feel some parts of the floor may be lower than usual at times
Vicinity of S Lisa Pl in Tucson
Front porch and chimney are moving away from the main foundation by about an inch. It has progressed over time most likely due to an irrigation system directly in front of the porch. Crack across kitchen floor and wall.
Vicinity of E Calle Canis in Tucson
Sinking concrete in carport, large cracking in y-formation that holds water after rain Uneven, flaking concrete slab by front door that's lower than surrounding concrete
Vicinity of Camino De Maximillian in Tucson
Foundation slab sinking
Vicinity of E. Brassie Dr. in Tucson
Section of house slab appears to be tilting.
Vicinity of in Tucson
There are cracks in the concrete overlay in house, worse in the room that is an add-on (previous owner). Cracks/shifting? in the external bricks, up the house wall internally. Before I tackle another project on the house, I want to make sure that the home itself is stable, secure. House was built in 1947. Will likely retire here, so it needs to last. :) Thank you.
Vicinity of E. Ganley Road in Tucson
Bidding on a project south of Sells, Az. that is calling for (9) new Helical piers to be installed. Need an E-Mail address to send drawings & calcs for pricing
Vicinity of W Goret Place in Tucson
Cracking on rear patio slab, one side is slightly higher.
Vicinity of E Banbridge in Tucson
Outside of house has a horizontal crack along foundation at ground level.
Vicinity of S Jefferson Ave in Tucson
Have cracks in wall from settling foundation. Please contact by email.
Vicinity of E. Linden St in Tucson
I have an old house near in Jefferson Park Banner-UMC, built in 1946, with major cracks in one of the two bedroom walls and ceiling. The exterior wall of the bedroom also has cracks. The front security door also settled and the top lock is out of place and nonfunctional. The bedroom ceiling cracks have been patched but they came right back.
Vicinity of Mabel in Tucson
There are areas in our home flooring that are raised up and some that are sunken in.
Vicinity of E Patricia St in Tucson
I have a crack spanning my living room. It is also outside as a stairstep crack in the brick. I also noticed a crack in the tile of my bathroom. This crack goes into my hallway and is about .25-.5" wide. I can see it by pulling the hallway carpet back.
Vicinity of N. Columbus Blvd in Tucson
The walls on the outside are showing cracks.
Vicinity of E Delano Street in Tucson
Need to get crawl space inspected for foundation
Vicinity of E Amaro Place, in Tucson
Mother's house built on Cinder blocks not a slab foundation. Possibly old section of asphalt too. There is a heaving floor that runs through from North to South and intersects three different rooms. Also dipping in Master bedroom. Would like an assessment to determine if the home is safe for her to remain in this residence and an estimate of repair cost.
Vicinity of W El Caminito Pl in Tucson
I'd like to level my messed up concrete slab
Vicinity of in Tucson
Floor is sloping at the NW corner of the structure.
Vicinity of N Mountain View Ave in Tucson
Our front walk is uneven and is an issue for a buyer. We would like an estimate to level it back out.
Vicinity of N. Joi Drive in Tucson
Small slab, 10 x 10 has sunk
Vicinity of E Placita Chiapas in Tucson
My pool concrete deck is tilting.
Vicinity of in Tucson
I need someone to look at my foundation. We have a crawlspace and I think that basically the east side of our house needs to be jacked up and some posts put in. We have SIGNIFICANT cracking on that side and the floor is sloped.
Vicinity of N Silver Moon Way in Tucson
One slab of my 3 car garage drive has sunk about 1 1/2 " and I am concerned a guest will trip and fall because of it.
Vicinity of in Tucson
The house was built in 1932 and there are several interior cracks throughout the house.
Vicinity of N Valgrind La in Tucson
Need an estimate for concrete leveling/lifting for driveway.
Vicinity of E Toronto St. in Tucson
Sidewalk lifted due to tree this something you can address? Lifting sidewalk slab to cut out tree root and replace?
Vicinity of East Seneca Street in Tucson
The walk that goes between my driveway and front door has three big cracks. Two of them are trip hazards. The third is about to become one.
Vicinity of S Aida Ave in Tucson
NW corner of carport/garage is cracked and settling lower than the driveway slab. Looking for estimate on repair.
Vicinity of East Placita Del Animo in Tucson
Driveway concrete slab is uneven
Vicinity of W. Donovan in Tucson
Buying a house
Vicinity of E. Fruit Tree Dr in Tucson
Garage floor or drive way concrete not leveled, would like an estimate
Vicinity of N Paseo Valdear in Tucson
Driveway unlevel and cracking.
Vicinity of W. Potvin Ln. in Tucson
Our house is burnt adobe construction built in 1977. The concrete slab has several cracks that are at least a 1/4 inch wide. The concrete has a overlay (Rogo's) on it covering the cracks, we are now seeing uneven parts of the floor and cracks starting to appear.
Vicinity of E Windsor Street in Tucson
Discovered two cracks on one of my exterior brick walls that may possibly be cracked all the way through. (Cannot confirm as there is drywall on the interior.)
Vicinity of E Glenn St in Tucson
I have concrete slab floors that are cracking. The floors are lifting in the center of two rooms. The concrete is currently exposed. I'd like to find if the floors can be ground flat or if there are other problems that need to be addressed.
Vicinity of W DISTRICT ST in Tucson
I have some questions and would like some estimates on an area of the house where there is no foundation.
Vicinity of in Tucson
Cracker of brick house either from foundation movement or tree intrusion. Includes crack that goes up to one side of window and then continues from other side of window to the ceiling. House is from 1958 and is wire cut brick.
Vicinity of in Tucson
Concrete Walls in newly purchased house cracking around windowsills and doorframes. One of two Master bedroom window cracks goes all the way through; you can see daylight. Other cracks in house are not that deep.
Vicinity of E. Mabel St. in Tucson
Cracks forming in floors and walls.
Vicinity of E Benson Hwy in Tucson
Have concrete slab at carport and patio settling 1 1/2 in. In 8 ft. Approx 40 ft long due to water problem from rain drains. Drains being corrected to prevent future problems
Vicinity of E Mabel St in Tucson
Found a small crack in foundation. tile grout is cracking all over the house.
Vicinity of W Greenstreak Drive in Tucson
During a home inspection, we noticed cracks throughout the house on the ceiling. In addition the backyard patio has an one inch crack and the garage floor has a a long crack as well. We are worried that it has something to do with the foundation.
Vicinity of WEST FIRETHORN ST in Tucson
Corner of home broke off.
Vicinity of W. Windstar Place in Tucson
We received a letter from the city informing us that we have 10 days to repair a section of sidewalk in front of our house that has been lifted by a tree root on our property. We would like a quote for repair.
Vicinity of S Gollob Rd in Tucson
Hollow areas under slab of house
Vicinity of E Rawhide Trail in Tucson
Cracks with some movement in foundation.
Vicinity of Grape Drive in Tucson
Hello, I have two sections of sidewalk that are leaning in towards my foundation. One stretch of sidewalk (~3 feet wide) is about 50 feet long, the other perhaps 4 feet long. I'd say they are both leaning maybe an inch or so, but it's causing a water problem so I'd like to get it fixed. I work from home on Mondays so I can be available anytime that day, or I can be available after 4 on Tues and Thurs, or any time on Saturdays. Thanks, Beth
Vicinity of in Tucson
There is possible signs of a compromised foundation and we are searching for more information so we can take the necessary steps towards finding the most appropriate solution.
Vicinity of W Winter Wash Drive in Tucson
Need a Structural Evaluation for a client purchasing a home checking availability and cost to see the soonest anyone can check the Crack. The address of the home is 4132 W Winter Wash Drive, Tucson, AZ 85745
Vicinity of E. Camino Del Desierto in Tucson
I have a 1/16th - 1/8th crack in a bathroom tile floor that is about 5 feet long. If you measure about 1 foot across each side of the crack it is level on 1 end but has a 3/8 - 1/2" gap at the other end. I'm assuming to get the tile to lay flat the crown will have to be ground down. Thanks, Ed
Vicinity of N Baxter in Tucson
Vicinity of S. Placita San Ardo in Tucson
Significant cracks along seams where ceiling joins the vertical walls and one crack at the top corner of a door that runs diagonal towards the ceiling.
Vicinity of Paseo Grande in Tucson
I have a crack in slab in bedroom. It's been stable for 35 years. (moved about 1/16" inch). One side of crack is 0" to 1/8" higher than the other. I just need some advice how to smooth it out for carpet overlay. Self-level goop/filler? I'll pay for advice visit. Thanks! John Weiss 520 323 0358 22nd/Columbus I should be available after July 5th.
Vicinity of N Derrio Canyon Pl in Tucson
Possible settlement issues of a retaining wall
Vicinity of in Tucson
Have block wall which is supporting one half of gate which has collapsed slightly and need to be repaired.
Vicinity of E. Trailhead Road in Tucson
Replace one section of city of tucson sidewalk in front of my home
Vicinity of E Calle Navarrete in Tucson
Tile cracking in dining room & kitchen
Vicinity of S Shadowtree Pl in Tucson
Section of concrete driveway has heaved due to roots and needed to be replaced.
Vicinity of N Campbell Avenue in Tucson
The front door is unable to close properly due to the fact that the concrete at the base of the door is broken.
Vicinity of E Robert Hansen Dr in Tucson
I have a lot of visible hair lines and some look very big on the outter area of my home. Also the concrete of my home foundation could you all help me?
Vicinity of E Calle Del Prado in Tucson
A crack in the stem wall of a post tension slab.
Vicinity of in Tucson
My concrete floor is cracked, deteriorating in areas, looking to resurface.
Vicinity of N Magic Lane in Tucson
We have a slooping floor and cracks in exterior wall.
Vicinity of in Tucson
Crack in foundation inside the house that runs the full length of the house
Vicinity of E Stonechat Dr in Tucson
Like to get an estimate on fixing concrete foundation on my house.
Vicinity of N. Indian Trail in Tucson
Have cracks in concrete flooring which expand/contract with rain and dry spells. Wish to stabilize flooring.
Vicinity of N White Pearl Ln in Tucson
Large cracks in cement
Vicinity of North Mountain Creek Way in Tucson
Grading issues on sides of home are probably causing foundation problems. Door ways are uneven as well as wall cracks can be seen around the home.
Vicinity of W Eagle Tail Ln in Tucson
I have some cracks on the foundation and masonry walls
Vicinity of N Bandanna Way in Tucson
Cracks in foundation
Vicinity of E Bermuda in Tucson
My research is leading to a failing foundation on a 1959 house. I want to substantiate this and look at possible solutions.
Vicinity of E. Florence Dr. in Tucson
Active differential settling resulting in interior and exterior cracks.
Vicinity of N. Fair Oaks in Tucson
Exterior masonry wall cracks
Vicinity of N Smokey Topaz in Tucson
Cracked tile, ceiling and drywall cracks.
Vicinity of W Eagle Tail On. in Tucson
Purchasing a house and foundation is cracked need to know if repair able and cost. Thanks
Vicinity of E Maritime Dr in Tucson
Uneven match on two sidewalk slabs
Vicinity of E Los Robles in Tucson
I own a duplex, monolithic slab. The footing has dropped about 1-2 inches around most of the building. The exterior is 28' x 56'.
Vicinity of in Tucson
Foundation and east wall of home with 3 quarter inch vertical crack running to the top of the wall
Vicinity of N. Black Canyon Ct in Tucson
Seems like we might have a foundation settling - would like someone to take a look. Thanks.
Vicinity of E Desert Peak Dr in Tucson
Section of concrete driveway is settling.
Vicinity of Stonechat Dr. in Tucson
There are a couple of cracks on the walls by the doors. One of the bedroom doors doesn't close anymore.
Vicinity of N Shimuno Dr in Tucson
Thinking of buying house. Had ground movement. Causingseparation. Need foundation repair has crack throughout house. Some are about 2 inches wide. Some door won't close. Ans you can see some separation of walls to doors
Vicinity of E. LaMadera Dr. in Tucson
Serious cracks along walls
Vicinity of in Tucson
One end of the brick home has cracks along the brick lines, as if the foundation is sinking underneath.
Vicinity of E. Maguire Place in Tucson
The home was built in 1962. There are white deposits leeching from the foundation at ground level on a section of the north-facing foundation. We did find an irrigation pipe leak, but that may not be the only cause. Also, we want to repair damage. I am the owners' father, and I live across the street. Thanks.
Vicinity of E. Kleindale in Tucson
Foundation Wall problems. Cracks throughout exterior walls.

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