Diagnosing Foundation Problems

Diagnosing Foundation Problems in Greater Tucson

Foundation settlement is one of the leading causes of building damage in the world. Foundation settlement is due in large part to moisture changes in the bearing soils, which cause foundations to shift. While related, foundation settlement and foundation heave are not exactly the same thing. However, both can cause damage that could exceed practical repair abilities if left unchecked. For that reason, a proper evaluation is essential to maintaining the value of your structure. Trust Arizona Foundation Solutions of Tucson to properly identify, diagnose, and repair any foundation problem.

The Advantages of Choosing Arizona Foundation Solutions of Tucson:

  • We always provide objective reports. We're paid to provide an analysis, which means we don't have to convince to get repairs to get paid.
  • We always adhere to strict industry standards from the Foundation Performance Association to help us take as much subjectivity out of our analysis as we can.
  • We are accurate and professional. Many contractors confuse heave, and settlement, or only take a few readings. With us, you get thorough, careful evaluations.
  • Even if you choose not to proceed with any work, this report can serve as a baseline for future reference to help you keep track of any further issues.
  • We only provide work that is actually needed. Our surveys give a clear picture of the work needed, and if we eliminate the installation of one pile then the survey has paid for itself.

What's involved in a foundation report?

A foundation report provides a detailed and objective analysis that will help avoid jumping to conclusions and possible errors. Foundation heave, settlement and thermal movement are carefully analyzed. Both stopping and starting points can be obtained by using industry standards and consensus opinions. Subjectivity is minimized, and you are free to have whomever you please to examine the report and vet its conclusions.

We use the following steps to evaluate your foundation issues. This conforms to the level B investigation per the Foundation Performance Association.

Arizona Foundation Repair Company in Tucson1. Draw up a floor plan of the house.

Structural Engineer Geotechnical Catalina, Marana, Tortolita, Sahuarita, Vail, Tanque Verde, Casas Adobes in Arizona2. Take floor readings in the corner of each room and the middle of larger rooms.

Foundation repair floorplan Catalina, Marana, Tortolita, Sahuarita, Vail, Tanque Verde, Casas Adobes, Tucson Estates and the Drexel Heights Arizona3. Record distress types and locations on the floor plan.

repair arizona foundation plan tucson, arizona area4. Return and download all data to one plan and plot topographical elevations.

5. Produce summary of observations and data in written format.

6. Back up any conclusions with industry consensus information.

See the link to the document published by the Foundation Performance Association. This is a peer reviewed document that establishes consensus for allowable movement in a foundation.

Guidelines for the Evaluation of Foundation Movement

arizona foundation repair plan Casas Adobes, Tucson Estates and the Drexel Heights, arizona7. If the data is appropriate provide a written repair plan and estimate.

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