Forensic Engineered Report

Forensic Engineered Reports in Arizona

Identify potential foundation problems with a comprehensive foundation inspection

We have heard of some foundation repair contractors diagnosing issues by walking across the floor in their socks. Others claim they are experts because a family member had experience with concrete repair and ‘taught them everything they knew’. A few will even provide you a video that is little more than random, on-site observations made by an unqualified individual. None of these foundation issue analysis and diagnosis methods are rooted in science.

Until recently, there simply wasn't an adopted consensus of what a complete and comprehensive foundation inspection even includes. Fortunately, The Foundation Performance Association (FPA) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (Texas Chapter) have both published a consensus document that identifies a level “B” investigation!

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Different levels of foundation inspections

Both the Foundation Performance Association (FPA) and the Texas chapter of the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) break Foundation Inspections and Foundation Investigations into three categories: Level A, Level B, and Level C.

‘Level A’ Foundation Inspection/Investigation

A 'Level A' foundation inspection/investigation is a simple walk around and observation of your foundation's history and easily discernible signs of stress. This ‘Level A’ foundation inspection is usually done as an initial foundation inspection/foundation investigation to see if a more thorough foundation investigation is warranted. In real estate transactions it can be used to simply see if a house has any foundation issues.

‘Level B’ Foundation Inspection/Investigation

This foundation inspection/foundation investigation should include a floor plan drawn up, floor level readings, photographs, history, aerial photos, deflection analysis, a damage map of the floor plan, and more. The ‘Level B’ Foundation Inspection provided by Arizona Foundation Solutions of Tucson is an extensive forensic engineered report that goes beyond a standard visual inspection and is used to determine what repairs are needed to fix and protect against foundation movement.

‘Level C’ Foundation Inspection/Investigation

This investigation includes soil borings, lab analysis, and a more in-depth historical aerial photo analysis.  TheLevel C’ Foundation Inspection/Investigation is usually performed when there are lawsuits or insurance claims.

What to expect: a complete Forensic Engineered Report

Below are items that should be accounted for in your home’s level B investigation:

  1. Determine from as many sources as possible what the soil layer compositions and properties are.
  2. Gather and understand long term precipitation and its effect on soils at that location.
  3. Use of Aerial photography to understand drainage, landscaping (trees vs grass), sunshine, and how they affect the various areas around the house.
  4. Understand the original topography and modifications to the soil before house was built (and after).
  5. A complete understanding of the structural systems and path loads of a home including truss systems vs non-truss systems, interior load bearing walls, and post tension vs conventional vs pier and beam systems and how they interact with various soil conditions.
  6. Age of the structure and its effect on moisture migration under the foundation.
  7. Scaled complete floor plan.
  8. Complete floor level survey with topological mapping and an understanding of topological patterns and their interpretations.
  9. A complete damage map overlaid with the topological map to understand how the damage relates to the observed elevations. Extensive experience understanding nuanced damages and their varied interpretation with even similar symptoms.
  10. A complete tilt and deflection analysis with engineering consensus allowables.
  11. Written observations and recommendations supported by the data gathered.
  12. Complete repair plan with specifications and placement of various recommended elements.
  13. Included are guttering and drainage improvement plans, and specifications and placement of those elements.
  14. Pictures with a photo numbering plan that corresponds to a floor plan numbering.
  15. A review of all the factors to see how their convergence creates a holistic interpretation.
  16. Peer review to check assumptions and that conclusions are supported by the data.
  17. Entire Report sealed by a licensed professional engineer with observations and recommendations, not just pile spacing for the permitting process.

If you are not getting all of the items above included with your foundation inspection, then you will likely not have repairs that are designed to remediate the specific issues (soil problems, drainage, weather history, etc.) affecting the performance of your home's foundation.

At Arizona Foundation Solutions of Tucson, our Forensic Engineered Report (or FER) contains ALL of the 17 items referenced above. We use licensed, professional engineers to interpret the data collected, diagnose the problem, and suggest a repair plan.

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